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Whole Latte Love (Gaia Coffee #1)

Whole Latte Love (Gaia Coffee #1)
After leaving the convent she had assumed would be her home forever, Bethany Castillo found herself adrift: partially estranged from her parents, and unable to muster the courage to live her life as an out lesbian. Until a simple 'now hiring' sign in front of a new café reunites her with her childhood best friend, Devon Roché, and she finds the spark her life was missing. But will sparks be enough to overcome their pasts, meddling relatives, and overdue bills?

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Out of Her Depth: a short story of the faetouched world

A Story of the Faetouched World
Nadia Almeida attends one of North America's first integrated high schools, where not only human kids attend but also elves, gnomes, and even a troll. Still, Nadia is surprised when mermaid Nerine Kwan rolls into class one day inside a special custom-built wheelchair. No mermaid had ever attended school on land, so Nadia is intrigued. Why would a mermaid want to go through all the trouble of living on land, bound to a clunky carriage and subject to taunts from her fellow students? As she gets to know Nerine, she finds her academic interest becoming personal, and learns the costs of befriending this strange new girl.

Rapture: a fairy story

One by one, Nika's queer friends have been disappearing without a trace. What will she do when they come for her?